Report for the first day of the local training VietNam

We began our training course on a rainy day. However, the trainees were so excited about what we would do in the next 5 days, which inspired the trainers and warmed up the room.

Ms. Elena presented about the project “STEPS 4 NGOS”, afterwards Mr. Marcus showed us a flipchart of the local training course Vietnam. Thanks to it we knew more about our stakeholders, our topics, our program elements and how to approach all of them. (You can also see it in the storage documents.)

Then it was time to play games! Once we became dragons and tried to hold our princesses as tightly as possible, once we acted like a music director and the others had to follow what we did and so on… Those games made us burst into laugh and everyone got closer than ever.
The members at the training course come from many clubs and organizations in Hanoi; therefore one of the tasks in the afternoon was to discuss and to make a flipchart of our own organization. Having worked so hard in 30 minutes, we had a truly colorful picture introducing where we are working, what we are working for and what we have done so far. If some of those ideas make you interested, do not hesitate to contact us, maybe we can create something brand-new worldwide!
After the break-time was a big challenging game: Build up your group tower from trash. Marcus gave us so many criteria: the tower must be 100 centimeters high, it must be strong enough to bear a bottle of water and be “sexy” as well (as you could imagine). We did it so well that there are 3 new wonders in Hanoi now – The Triumph Tower, The Lady Tower and The Charming Vietnam Tower – all made from papers, empty cans and other stuff. More importantly, we could create the recipes for good teamwork as we pointed out from our process. (Check out our flipcharts to see what we found already, and add some more elements if you want – that would be great!)
Personally, I would say that it was a great day for all of us. No one taught us what we had to do, we used our “heart, head and hand” to learned and experienced by ourselves. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?