Second day's Report

Although it’s still raining but the participants still went on time to attend the class. All were so eager for the today ‘s upcoming topics: Volunteerism, Leadership and The project management.

In the morning, We started with the warm-up games first. It was so amazing. Then Elena trained us about “Volunteer and Volunteerism”. With a question “what/who is volunteer”, each of us were given a piece of paper in which we can “brainstorm” the definition of “volunteer”. After that, Elena helped us to collect those ideas to perform an exactly conception.

Break time came, so we took a while for having coffee and playing games. We made a round and one of us was told to do one action of a person or a thing, such as “James Bond”, “elephant”, “mixer”… and we laughed a lot. Then we continued to point out the “Opportunities” and “Challenges”. Class was divided into two groups, one presented the negative side of volunteering and the others talked about the opposite opinion. In a conclusion, we had to answer the question “Why do you want to be a volunteer” and “ What are your needs when you become a volunteer”. The second question also lead us to the second topic “the leadership”, just because if you want to be a good leader, especially of a volunteering organization, have to understand the demand of your participants.

We were given some phrases expressing some characteristics of a good leader. Each partner’s task was performing that phrase without making sounds, just only by acting. It was so funny and we discovered many new “actors” and “actresses” in our class. We aslo learned three main styles of leaders, too.

We finished the morning class with such a good mood. We learned a lot and gained a lot, too. We knew exactly who we were and how we could do our work efficiently. Thank Elena to all of this.

After lunch-time, we welcomed Mr. Marcus with “The project management”. We approached various kinds of ways and methods to set up a project. Some of them may be called as NAOMMIE methods, Mindmaping, using some techniques (mile stones, flow charts, hard indicators, project structure planning…). We not only learn the techniques but also practice them then. Marcus gave us “aim” and “ target”, and our team (only 4-5 people) had to make it our own projects then presented them in front of the class. It was such a hardworking task, and all of us were quite satisfied with the projects we did. Maybe we can develop it to a real project after this training course. Why not?

Wow, let’s see how much we did today. It was still raining when we finished. Marcus seemed a bit tired after a long day and came home right after that. We really hope he will be well soon to join us the next day. All of us are expecting the upcoming day a lot.