The forth day

The forth day was sunny, and we came to class with the high enthusiasm. Today’s topic was “ Fundraising” – so useful and attractive.
Firstly, after warm-up game, we discussed about 3 Marcus’ statements about fundraising. We had very frank controversies, then Marcus showed us some main characteristics of fundraising, such as the link between 3 factors: the cause & beneficiaries, the sponsor and the project. We also knew about the cold and warm sections, how to deal with sponsors and making the long-term relations… There were some new things; we had already had a chance to practice for 1 hour and a half, and the coffee break in the same time. Coming back to the class with the fundraising strategies, each group presented their preparation and so interesting, brought some surprise to the others, not except Marcus and Elena. Afterward, the lunch had already waited on the first floor. How delicous and tasty they are!

After one hour for lunch, we had 10 minutes to prepare before going to Bat Trang Village – the famous ancient village making pottery and Bo De Pagoda. Elena and Marcus divided us into 7 groups by a small game, and each group was responsible for each country. For more details, groups must learn how to say “ hello” in the country that they represent and draw the greeting and something about the country. The children would fill up the picture by colors and learn to say “hello” in the countries. 
Then, we started on journey to Bat Trang village and divided into 2 groups. One tried to make a pottery and one went to a market. After 2 hours, we had a lot of funny things with unshaped- pottery and visited many ceramic stores in the market. The next destination was Bo De Pagoda. At this place, the groups gave the children some gifts, such as some books and some cakes and taught them how to say “hello” in some countries and fill up the pictures. A really nice time together with a lot of fun!!! Finally, we were already 4T at 6:30 pm after having such a fascinating and intelligent game in the car. 

The fourth day of “Steps for NGOs” Program ended with lots of interesting plans for tomorrow.