Thirday's report

Saturday morning, although we must welcome third day of “Steps for NGOs” with an autumn rain, everybody seems so energetic, so do Elena and Marcus

The training day starts with our efforts to complete an imaginative travel from Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh by turning over the magic carpet of Marcus. This game is a bit challenging, but it gets everybody closer and warmer
After the warm-up, we begin to focus on topic today namely “PR and Marketing”. Firstly, we discuss about the differences between an organization manager and a company manager. It is easy to find them, isn’t it? Yes, they are the purposes, the impacts to a single one as well as to the whole society, and the human resources and so on. Then, Marcus presents clearly and briefly the strategic management planning, marketing as well as the PR. 

10h30, we take a 30 minute - break before practicing whatever we dicussed in the morning. To motivate everybody come back to the training, Marcus organizes the game “connect colorful body”. Then, all the members of a same club or organization will do a brief PR plan for their activity or event in future. Each plan should contain necessary part such as the purposes, the target group, the action, the time and so on. Besides, we can use various methods to make a logical plan such as the mind map, the flipchart… After 30 minutes of hard working, many factual interesting plans are completed. Marcus and Elena hope that these plans will help us to save time for PR plan in future and make it more efficient as well.

After one hour for lunch, we prepare for the outdoor activity in the Ethnic Museum. We are divided in five groups according to the month of birthday. Our tasks are really interesting. The first task is that we must collect 10 messages from the visitors in museum about one topic: “Which message do you want to send to young people all over the world?” The second task is that we must take photos, make video or do any activities to introduce the Vietnamese culture to foreigner. Each group has 2h30 to complete the tasks. Despite the rain, every group works very enthusiastically and completes their task in time. Finally, we come back 4T center at 5 o’clock after taking so much funny photos.

The third day of “Steps for NGOs” finishes by the preparation for “Culture show” in the evening. Although some of us are a bit tired after such an exciting day, we are still able to burn out with “Culture show” tonight.